Friday, February 13, 2009

Are You Serious?

Wow, it can't really get more "periphal" (i.e., irrelevant) than this. If you asked me to produce an ad that exploits a more irrelevant product attribute, I probably ewouldn't be able to.


Anonymous said...

Not to seem rude but you've missed the point. This is a silly ad, it's meant to be a joke. They aren't really expecting people to believe this is realy, it's like when a home improvement shop advertised tartain and striped paint.

Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right? It really shows you don't know what you're talking about at all, and this is all your own uninformed opinion extrapolated to apply to everyone.

As someone who works in advertising, this is genius, and caused quite the buzz and interest. Just think--where most people have to have a new product, new feature, new plan, new whatever to advertise, Shreddies just put a tongue-and-cheek campaign that very consciously advertises nothing new at all about their cereal. Yet, it got people talking about them again.

They know most people are wary of advertising. They know *MOST* of their audience is clever enough to recognize their wink and nod to them. They're lampooning advertising with advertising.

Steve said...

right... well obviously companies know that any press (including bad press) is good press. but my point is that it's sad that this is in fact true in our world today, and that ads of the shreddies-type *actually* work! some individuals (the minority unfortunately) are less influenced (or uninfluenced) by these vacuously insulting ads, and that was my intended point.

i saw these ads all over town but it didn't make me buy a box of shreddies the next time i was at the store. however, these ads, on the whole, likely increased sales for the company because the average person knowingly or unknowingly were more likely to buy a box of shreddies the next time they were at the grocery store.